Kristine Nonalie  Ocubillo
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Last seen 07 March 2024, 08:04
34 years old   Davao, Philippines

Kristine Nonalie Ocubillo

a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
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About me:
"I am just a simple ordinary woman living a simple life with my parents and my 2 kids. I do have a job that can help me to provide for my family and my own needs. I have been very grateful and contented on what God has been doing to my life as of the moment. But still I cant stop thinking, would i grow old alone and be single forever or would God will destined me to a man that would be there for me till the end. I have been unlucky in love for the past few years. Now I am getting curious will i be getting a chance to fall in love again and be love by someone?
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An ideal date:
" the first thing that comes into my mind when someone asked me this, My answer would always be " a date on a beach, watching the sunset and the stars when it comes at night, and having a very nice conversation"
The best birthday ever:
" every birthday is the best for me" as long as im happy and my family is healthy and well, I am beyond grateful that i have been given a chance to be alive for another year. and be with my love ones
Cinema, Music, Cooking, TV, Internet
What is your intent?:
I want a relationship, I am interested in a marriage
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Marriage, Long-term, Dating