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Last seen 11 February 2024, 17:20
52 years old   Manila, Philippines


a man, looking for a woman aged 18-80
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Bio, well, I came from California in the US. Was raised all over the country. And retired to an affordable tropical country... Philippines. I do have a dog, a rather brutish t-rex kind of a dog. His breed is Dogo Argentino and his name is Diego. I also have a big monster fish (Mekong Delta Catfish) named Fred in a 100 gallon aquarium in my kitchen. I am a Gulf War Veteran, and have worked as a security contractor in some rotten countries and have survived a good amount of damage, so know this in advance, I come with scars. :-/ I have also trained for over 10 years in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so if you are an MMA fan, I come qualified to protect you no matter what. I actually hate violence and rather avoid it because it could go from zero to real serious really fast in this nutty world these days, but if someone threatens my friends or family, yes, I will step up and secure/defend anyone who I love from any perceived threat.
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Cinema, Music, Cooking, Internet
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I want a relationship, I am interested in a marriage
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Marriage, Long-term, Dating