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Last seen 18 December 2023, 09:41
36 years old   Cagayan de Oro, Philippines


a man, looking for a man aged 18-80
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Greetings, my friend, I am a passionate gentleman who finds joy in stargazing, especially when in the company of the right person. People often notice my down-to-earth personality first, but I am also told that my lips are quite fetching, akin to the fluffy petals of May's beloved blooms, and my curves are as impressive as the first lunar landing. As a teacher, I have found purpose in helping teenagers learn and grow, honing my skills in both teaching and freelancing. My admiration for William Shakespeare runs deep, and his words have often inspired me to push through the challenges of my profession. In fact, I once had the pleasure of encountering the great bard himself at a petrol station, an experience that left me feeling a deep spiritual connection with him, akin to the mist that blankets an autumn day. My life goals are simple yet meaningful, including receiving a telegram from an owl, crafting a sonnet that captures the beauty of my soulmate, and becoming the best possible teacher for my students. Above all, I strive to make a positive impact in the world, lending a helping hand to all the teenagers I can reach.
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I'm looking lifetime partner to rest in my life I'm a very affectionate guy who's searching the whole world for my one and only. I have seen you in my dreams so I know you're out there. Sometimes it's hard finding someone special on a dating site. But, anything is possible with GOD. I live my life passionately on God's grace one day at a time. I'm loyal and have a pure heart. I also believe the most powerful human emotion is Love and in a relationship, it's important to express it, especially through the healing power of touch. Not one for being set in my ways, I'm open to whatever Life has to offer. Looking for that special someone to spend some quality time with and see what happens.
The best birthday ever:
It's my birthday, the best one I've ever had. I'm standing in a room buzzing with colors and laughter. My hair is styled relaxed and wavy, perfectly suits the festive mood. I'm wearing a vibrant shirt, its patterns lively and fun, paired with my favorite comfortable jeans.

In my hand, I'm holding a slice of the most delicious chocolate cake I've ever tasted. The icing is rich and perfectly sweet. In my other hand, a balloon floated gently above, its colors matching the day's joy. The room is draped in streamers of every color, crisscrossing overhead, while the walls are adorned with cheerful "Happy Birthday" banners.

Behind me was a table laden with gifts wrapped in shiny, colorful paper, each bow and ribbon adding excitement. My friends and family are all around, their faces alight with smiles and laughter, contributing to this warm, jubilant atmosphere.

This scene, this moment, is the essence of the best birthday ever – a time filled with joy, surrounded by loved ones and steeped in the simple, delightful pleasures of life. I'm at the center of all this happiness, feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude and delight.
Cinema, Music, Cooking, Shopping, TV, Internet
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I want a relationship, I am interested in a marriage
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Marriage, Long-term, Dating