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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:33
29 years old   Ipilan, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
I am a very honest person and I love to read books, go to beach and I am very respectful. I hate people who are cheater and who love to hurt people.I have been into a relationship where my boyfriends are really good looking but it doesnâ??t last, maybe the physical attribute I not important. it is the attitude. There Is something that you need to know about my lifeâ?¦its up to you if you would till like me or not after knowing it.. this I very long but please take time to read dear.. I was 17 years old when I fall in love to a man.I was 1st year college that time (year 2000). After courting me for how many months we became sweetheart. After he graduated he worked far away from our place but he till calls and texted me.Weve been sweetheart for almost 8 yrs.w E decided to get marry so he went home here.They namalaye.â??Namalaye â??is a Filipino tradition where the man and his family go to the house of the woman and bring foods then ask the hand of the woman from her parents. It happened February 2008 and the wedding a set on July 2008. o I trusted him fully and even give myself to him. On the day of our wedding where everything had been set and the only moment we were waiting Is for me to walked down the aisle with my white long gown that man didnâ??t showed up.I was humiliated publicly..I wanted to kill myself but I found out I was 3months pregnant..I choose the life inside me instead of my life..I worked hard, saved money for my delivery and move onâ?¦My baby Is now 9mos old..I lost my trust to Filipino men coz what happened to me happened to my friends too. a lot Is courting me now but I donâ??t like them, I donâ??t have trust for them anymore. Im saying this because I Donâ??t want to lie to you and I donâ??t want to be a prisoner of my own lie.I believe that if a man Is true to you he wont care about your past..sad right?????