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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:33
21 years old   Manila, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
At a young age Ive been earning my own money and helping my family.I strive and work hard to get my degree and so im working as a part time model and a sales representative for a phone company.You can ussually see me at home reading a good book,watching a movie(particularly comedy or lovestory) coz I know ill pick out something there that I can use in my life.I love to cook that's why my course in college is culinary arts,so you will always see me in the kitchen.I love great food and sweets.As for sports I play volleyball and ice skating.Im not into sports that much but i keep my weight and figure in good shape,I love to watch basketball though..Ive been practicing aerobics and yoga lately so even if im just a home buddy i stay in shape.I love to travel,being in the open air or open sea and deeing new places makes me happy,my dream place is Paris.I love pets right now i have 3dogs,whom I treat as my babies (coz thier all toy dogs)don't send me a message here i cant reply im just a limited member,just view my profile and ill be the one to get back on you.I promise you that.I can be a good friend and lover so dont be afraid in letting me know how i feel.