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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:33
24 years old   San Isidro, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
About me..? hm...? weLL describing myself iS definitely hard On my part...cuz im not really good at it! but have to do this!,weLL I'm Cizzy Lu Magalona from Philippines (proud to be a filipina) im just a poor girl that have a simple plan in Life..! The girl who knOws hOw,when and where tO have fUn..peopLe aLwayz find me "snob", yes i may have fLaws..,and bad traits but i try tO at least give a little respect to myseLf..but if u really know me perhaps you would know how sweet i am..! hehehe..i can be crazy at times but im cOmpletely sane.. im good when peopLe treat me good..! but i can be your worst nightmare if you try to mess up with me..and oww..! I Love watching movies! i think everyone does..!, Loves cooking, Listenin to aLL kind of MUSIC...! hehe hmm...? what eLse? ah! sometimes i act wierd and do crazy stuff Loves trying to do new things...! now i dont care if people hate me..! this is me? no one can change me? im just being realistic and perhaps,it would be a never ending acting show if i pretend to be somebody eLse...see? im not a bad girL im just a goodgirl who does bad things! and Last but certainly not the least...im a God fearing one and Family oriented...