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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:33
27 years old   Manila, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
GOOD MORNING SWEET SUNSHINE!!! I'm kind of a big deal. I belong to the future - so where art thou? For those who are interested, I expect you've already read my profile. So please don't try to waste my time. Please let's not talk about lies and all that is not real. I just want to be loved madly and passionately, without reservations or inhibitions. I want to be loved selflessly and without doubt, without hesitation or fear of what the world perceives. I want to be loved in no certain way, but in a million different ways, in random places and random times, like flowers just because it's Friday or a piece of cloud9 at 8pm. But most importantly, I want to be loved honestly, truthfully, genuinely, without pretense. I want to be loved not because that's what I want or how I want it, but because that's how you feel and that is the best you could ever possibly love anyone. I want you to be in love with me, not the thought of me or the thought of being in love with me. JUST ME. How you feel and continuously fall deeper and deeper in love with me and whatever it is that's in me you can't quite put a finger on. And sooner or later, perhaps you will realize on your own that there are no rules to love. And you, my sweet, can love me so much better. I'm a hopeless romantic gal who's actually just waiting for you. If you think you're sincere, true enough to level up to my expectation/s then that would be nice. Please do send or leave a message and I promise to get back to you. Sorry for such a pain in the neck. For Love - CHEERS!!! =)