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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:32
19 years old   Cebu City, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
The Power of love What is love? Anybody can answer But the true meaning of love Nobody would know Unless they have been in love? The love that is so amazing Binding two opposed people Never wonder, For Love being the reason Love that is so mysterious Giving lovers, the power To keep the love alive and together Even too far from one another Hearing how the heart beat Feeling the warmness Of the instant kiss Even just on the net? hi iam angel..... iam not really good at words but iam much better in person for if you would really know me.iam simple loving person. aim a hard working and very dedicated to what i do best. i love singing maybe iam good at it well friends tell me so hehehehehe :) i want to meet someone who is serious and very sincere someone who really deserves a pure love i want to meet someone who is true and sincere someone who will fight for me. i see myself when i will have my own family?? well a very responsible mother and i will take care of my future husband and children i will see to it i will take care of them and will always make them feel my undying love. what is true love for me?? well Love is not cheep love is not rich love is pure shared between two people who love each other till the end of time. Love is something you just cant say you have to mean it from the bottom of your heart and you can?t use the word love like it?s a old pair of shoes . Love is not always kind, love hurts . Love could be a knife in the heart or a dozen roses in the face. Love could be a walk in the park, love could be a broken heart ripped in many little pieces. Love is more then saying it to the person you love. Love is a kiss shared between two people who love each other or romantic sex with the one you love nothing cheep and fast love takes all night . Sharing love with someone is the best feeling in the whole world but it has to mean something or there?s no point to it don?t tell someone you love them if you don?t really do because love is a special thing its not something you pass out like candy. i wish i will find that special someone here :)