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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:32
21 years old   Manila, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
alyssa jOy cOrtez.. bday:april 16 (gift q po?) *i am nOwhere neAr perfect. *i eat when im bOred *i fall fOr boys easily *im vulnerable to believing lies *im hOping that one day i wont need a fake smile *i live by quotes that explain exactly what im going thrOugh *i make up excuses fOr eveything *i have bestfriends and enemies (hello!) *i have dramas and memOries (thats life!) *live it, lOve it, learn fRom it! haha..♥♥♥ *nobody's pErfect. i am far frOm perfectiOn.and sO are yOu. just go,be yOur self. be happy with what yOu've gOt. what yOu have nOw just might be all that yOu'll have in yOur whOle lifetime. you'll never knOw wht yOu've lost till its gOne.-that i believe in my expErience.yOu think yOu'll always gOt sOmething/someoNe as lOng as yOu want to. what yOu dont realize is that if yOu take them fOr granted.they jUst might get sick and tiRed of waiting fOr yOu to cOme to your senses and just tell them what you should tell them instead of telling them only the things yOu're fOrced to say. SHOUT!whatever yOu utterly want tO say to them.sCREAM it tO their faces. they wOnt mind. believe me. doing that is better that hOlding it all inside and letting timejust pass you by until you realize that its all tOo late. regret will cOnquer you. you never feel moRe remOrseful in your entire lifetime. sounds awful ayt?? just wait until you experience the excat thing. the only way you'll prevent this fRom happening tO your life is if yOu start tO live yOur life to the fullest and see things in the different perspective. i know, this is all oh-so-cliche, but its all just true. you have to keep in mind that life is like a box of chOcolates, yOull never knOw what yOu're gOnna get. haha. so now, this is mOre than jUst cliche, but yet again, this, tOO, is true. life is tOo unpredictable fOr us tO let things happen, jUst becaUse, every mOment in Our life that passes by will be a memOry we'll be wanting tO return to in the future. so now, all we can do to return and relive this memOries is to remenisce and try to remember what we felt exactly when that mOment happened. hOw nostalgic. well that is life. that is reality. that's jUst basically hOw things are.