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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:32
24 years old   Caloocan City, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
random thoughts about me.. You can call me Abigail, Abi, Bigul, Jean, A.J., Badon, or Ahvi / I was born cesarian / Septic baby / overweight / i have one brother and one sister / eldest / lola's girl / scared of flying cockroach, large satellite dish, clowns and the sounds of firecrackers / don?t know how to swallow a pill / was forced by my parents to take up nursing / once a loser and bullied / always thinks I?m fat / loves spicy foods / eats frequently but with small amount / hates constipation / love to taste everything! / love to try new things! / with big passion for arts and music / no statement in fashion / wanted to be a fashion designer someday / a big dreamer / wanted to get tall / wanted to get rid of my eyebags / wanted to dye my hair red / wanted to have an active lifestyle and live healthy / currently bum / doesn?t smoke / drinks occasionally / virgin / kisses passionately / badly needs a hug / nostalgic at times / loves being excited / loves surprises / choosy / people who always smile annoys me a lot / wanted to have a pet panda / Fascinated with Japanese culture / not sweet / not showy / fascinated with mysterious people / only a few understands me / I was born Christian / quite a struggle to live a Christian life / but the reward is incomparable / loves to make other people happy / my face is not pleasant to look at / I look like a villain / perfectionist at times / last minute person / with poor memory / poorest when it comes to remembering birthdates/ slow / blessed with good family and friends / loves chasing a man's heart / loving a stranger / loves figuring things up, usually ends up just figuring / numb on the outside / sensitive on the inside / misses easily / forgets hardly / remembers collectively / awkward / kid at heart / loves pale colors / adoptive / shock absorber / bipolar disorder / insomnia / mostly inappropriate / once called an ?owl? back in childhood days because of my large eyes, but now, it?s not the eyes that?s big, but my eye bags / can?t forget the taste of a human testicles (bitter, salty sour with a hint of angst) it?s from my dream, can?t believe I?ve tasted it! Phew! / I once killed three kittens when I was 8 years old / once wished to be a guy / extreme / normal sleep for me is 10-12 hours a day / knows how to imitate several animal sounds / don?t like the idea of being watched.