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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:31
28 years old   Manila, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
I can tell you million things about me but at the end its all up to you if you really wanna know the real me... I might be like these or that...i might be not...but it doesnt really matter.... So just to share bits and pieces about me, i can say that.... *I believe in using words, not fists. *I believe in my outrage knowing people are living in boxes on the street. *I believe in honesty. *I believe in good time. *I believe in good food. *I believe that the time you enjoy wasting is time not wasted. *I believe in the good in people. *I believe that people can change for the better. *I believe in happy endings. *I believe in all the good & evil things in life. *I believe in destiny. *I believe in fate. *I believe in happiness. *I believe in sex. *I believe in life. *I believe in LOVE. Loves/ Likes... *panda *tavelling *exploring *learning *shopping...err not really lol *loving with all my heart *all forms of art (i love to sketch people's faces) *eating (my fave) *to laugh my lungs out *to sing (not in a crowd tho) *colour (it brings life) *butterflies *the sea *blue sky *the sun *nature *good food *fresh fruits *good book *to paint walls *to walk miles and miles *peace & quiet *true people (i need authencity around me) *my health *my family *Asia *Philippines *honest and trustworthy people *my LIFE ME... *i'm a BIG girl (but not fat just BIG:D) with a BIG heart *i don't own a comb/brush cos i dont brush my hair...true! *i'm super duper loud & crazy *i'm boyish (a bit) *i walk like a guy haha... *i'm learning Japanese *want to learn French :) *i know how to sew....don't tell anyone lol *i know how to cook *i'm clumsy when inlove lol *totally no sense of direction (im working on this :D) *i'm on diet constantly lol *i'm the girl with the curly hair *i go HYPER around people *i punch like a guy *it takes someone to bring out the girly side of me..haha *would love to know how to properly dance *i don't smoke *i only drink when i have a cold (so i cant taste and smell the alcohol lol) *i can be sooooo boring sometimes