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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:31
20 years old   Manila, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
Im a truth-seeker.i believe that knowledge is a key that fuels my broad-minded approach in life.Most of the time I choose to look into a bigger picture.Want to say im a enthusiastic consumer of information.Likes pipol who knows what they want & knows how 2 get them d "ryt" way.Always open in meeting/mingling with diff kind of pipol. A good lover and X but could also be your worse nightmare.Naughty but knows my limitation.A make or break material-i "Hate Hang-ups!!"Have high respect 4 pipol who stand firm 4 what they beliv in, i just dont agree 2 something just bec everybody does. Arguementative and blunt especially when i know I have to do so,analytical is also one word to describe me-i analyze everything- from lyrics of songs up to-the sound of silence..sweet in my own way..Patient,but when i start to feel hemmed in-thats d tym i become impatient and difficult..I always make sure im worth of friendship,trust and time.Coz I myself only value pipol who value's me.I only hang out w/ pipol worth of my time.Love hanging out w/ pipol who makes a lot of sense..I take account of my not perfect but i always make sure i do things at my best.LIFE itself is my inspiration.I respect people's own philosophies,but im a believer of MINE.Understand things in extreme.I hate non-sense,gold digger,socialclimber,hepocrite,presumptous, pretentous, backstabber,friendly-user,double standard,insensitive,narrow-minded,greed & self-centered People