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Last seen 13 November 2023, 06:31
25 years old   Davao, Philippines


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
About me:
WeLL iM heLeN G. Im jUsT TuRnInG "22"im simply SoMeOnE u CaN RiLY Get aLoNg w/ gOodsTuFFs. yup! im a doWn to earth chick..;) i LovE hAnGin' out aNd cHillin out W/mY fRiEnDs mY TrUe FrIeNdZ..:) hEHeHe. PeOpLe hVe LoTz oF MiScONcEpTiOnS aBouT mE bUT R oL pRoVeN wRoNg!! try me ;) oNcE u RiLy gEt 2 hAnG oUt or da least, know me [haha]... iM NiCe aNd SiLLy , aNd SuPeR TaLkaTiVe GiRl..:) AbSoLuTeLy LoVaBle.. pArties, gimiks, chills or whatevr you cAll that as long as iM nOt homE,, i'M super super gaMe for it too! with my good long fellas of course ;) iM A hOpELeS rOmAnTiC aNd a sUckeR in "lOvE"...:) i just caN't deAl with it well! *groan* haha.. wen it comes to it, Im VeRy "wEaK". I cAn'T stand iT by mySelf, I NiD my FrIeNds To HeLP Me sOlvE this thing u call.. LoVE!.. hahaha..;) yet iM a SiMpLe gUrL w/aLoT oF BiG dReAmS:) a dReAmEr aNd a sTrOnG BeLiEvEr!!:) iM a LoYaL pErSoN tOo.. 2 mY fRiEnDs, my FaMiLy anyways... *sTars* jusT sooThes mY pisses oFf.. and im intO bEaChEs/resOrts too.. above all,, im contented wiTh eVrytHin i have as long as i haVe this aMBiEnCe aNd pEaCefULnEsS around.. i defiNitely haTe pLaSTiCs aNd DiShOnEsT peOple.. thOse "bAkStabbEr" ish!! wow!! get a life moron! ;) I cAn be da gUrl u can reLy on to no matter wat it takes! oNcE yOu'vE wOn mE oVeR i'Ve gOt Ur BaCk all ThrOughOut :} iM AlSo NoT A PeRsOn DaT GiVes uP EaSiLy BuT i hVe 2 aDmIt.. "I aM A sEnSiTiVe pErsOn" sO bE CaReFuL in evrY sinGle thing u saY abOut me..:) if u hate me,, tell it straight in frOnt oF me. Coz im caPabLe oF switChing of my triPs on you! =) give me Lotz of "pIzzAs, Ice Creams, PaStAs".. we'd be goOd friends!!!! hahahaha..;) well mY phone cOmpletes eVryThin in Me!! yeah,, i sOrt of Can't live w/ my phone..:) hEhEhE..:) what else...?? oh yeah,, im a music fanatic!!!! loves to danCe around..(",)